AI & Product Strategy for a Sustainability Platform Growth



Dive deep into the nuances of the sustainability tech product sector.

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Design and test a new UX/UI platform for their new market.

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Decode the potential of AI in amplifying their product offering.

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Emerging as a formidable contender in the sustainable tech domain, with established leadership in sustainability and academia, our client aimed to carve out their niche in North America's adjacent private markets. While their grasp of potential competitors was sound, they grappled with strategic questions about the intricacies of their potential target audience, competitive milieu, and optimal market-entry tactics.


To unravel these complexities, the client brought our team onboard for a thorough AI product and go-to-market study. Our roadmap was as follows:

- Market Research: We immersed ourselves in exhaustive secondary research spanning the US and Canada, decoding market dynamics and nascent opportunities.

- Competitive Analysis: We mapped out the competitive terrain, spotlighting major players, their market stances, and openings for differentiation.

- Target Market Identification: Harnessing on primary research, we zeroed in on promising target design and features for a new platform.

- Go-to-Market Strategy Development: In tandem with the client's vision on branding and communication, we sculpted a go-to-market plan aligned with the firm's goals.

– Product UI/UX Enhancement: Our tech team revamped the digital product, integrating fresh features and architecting an enterprise-facing platform grounded on the client's existing digital assets.

- Financial Projections: Employing financial data as our anchor, we plotted projections defining potential ROI and profitability profiles.

Throughout this engagement, our synergy with the client was a keystone: regular feedback iterations ensured our strategies were clear and adaptive.


Our meticulous execution culminated in a holistic go-to-market blueprint tailored for our client including new digital assets (new proposed UI and UX).

Beyond mere insights, it charted an actionable pathway for their North American market journey.

Bolstered by this strategy, the client took the reins with new data, to secure further board investment to bring their maiden Proof of Concept to life.

Leading National Sustainability Platform Co-executive Director

"Our collaboration with Yeji Data Lab has been enlightening. Their expertise has significantly enriched our perspective, and we're genuinely grateful for the invaluable insights and partnership over the past months."