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with AI

Engage with our team to unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence in your enterprise.

Our expertise spans crafting comprehensive AI strategies, scaling AI products for high efficiency, and securing essential AI funding.
AI Advisory
We help you craft your pathway to innovation by helping you identify and harness strategic opportunities that bring AI use cases to life.

Every challenge is distinct, necessitating a customized mix of artificial intelligence solutions and data considerations.

This is why we carefully assess resource distribution and select the appropriate technology when integrating AI into your enterprise, setting the stage for transformative results.
AI product
Our strategy for expanding AI products is firmly anchored in integrating Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, all seamlessly executed within an Agile framework.

We don't just build AI products — we engineer them to evolve with your business, ensuring they grow in capability as you expand, and continuously deliver value at scale.

We employ a strong UX and innovation approach to meticulously craft products that not only meet but anticipate and address your most pressing challenges, ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution every time.
AI funding
We specialize in navigating the intricate funding landscape, offering expert guidance from initial strategy alignment to proposal writing.

We bring leading SME AI expertise for programs such as SCALE AI, ensuring your projects are not only visionary but also backed by the latest in AI academic advancements and industry know-how.

Furthermore, we support you at every step – from crafting compelling project proposals to assembling a strategic team mix for meticulous execution.

Our guidance continues through to the funding agreement and right through to project kickoff, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to realization.


What is the overarching strategy, goals, and objectives?
We aim to craft strategies that align closely with the enterprise's overarching corporate goals, adapting to market trends, mitigating risks, and seizing consolidated opportunities for growth.
Have we tested an approach before?
We seek to identify and understand the key internal processes and capabilities that are critical to the organization's success.
Are there specific areas of the business where we seek to build new capabilities?
We assess the ability to create sustainable, long-term opportunities in Machine Learning, aiming to build new business competencies for the enterprise.
Are there gaps to be aware of?
We look for potential gaps in alignment, resources, and communication, and plan for performance metrics and continual review to ensure success.
What are our peers doing?
We continuously research and analyze our competitors, building a competitive matrix to identify the strengths and weaknesses for ongoing strategic adjustments of the organization.
AI strategic plan and opportunity definition
The Opportunity Canvas, derived using detailed data collection, helps prioritize next steps by evaluating the business impact and AI readiness for tactical advancements.


& Test
Design Prioritized Use Case and Build High-Impact Insights
Agile Development with Real-Time Data for Validating  Use-Cases
Launch User-Tested MVP with Integrated AI for Real-World Feedback
Scale up
Expand and Enhance Product, Focusing on Scalability and User-Driven AI Improvements


Securing AI Funding: Strategic Alignment and Project Planning
Securing AI funding requires projects to align with strategic objectives, including technical challenges and attainability of leading funding programs.
AI Funding Framework: From Eligibility to Execution
Our AI Funding framework focuses on starting with a Project Eligibility Review to clearly define problem statements and cost estimates.